Sunday, April 6, 2008

4:43am, April 6, 2008

usually when I try to write feeling happy I turn out shit
I assume tonight will be like any other
on the topic of shit,
my farts now seem to smell exactly like my infant son's poop
and I was right about time speeding up for any of you
who give a flying fuck
I'll turn around here in a little while and be an old man
crotchety to beat all and with a bunch of useless advice
about cooking, fucking and home repair
s'been a million years already and that's just half
so I should feel lucky to live so long

1 comment:

Jacks said...

Time hasn't sped up, or maybe it has. I can relate (in a way), I've been waiting since Nov. 29 for someone to come home. I've been told, soon, and 'this week', well that was almost a month ago and I'm still waiting. Now it's 'the end of may'. I'm pretty sure I've aged about 57 years since March 13th. Soon can't come soon enough!

And yer crochetey now, you don't have to be an old man to wear that hat =).