Friday, July 27, 2007


find a bench

wolf down this loaded frank

scratch your stubbly throat

brush the feathers out of your hair

wear bright orange jackets

that are far too warm for this weather

embrace being misunderstood

the talking ham and star horse are my favourites

drink the mineral laden water and avoid the

Federal Investigation Bureau

Saturday, July 14, 2007


If I have to swallow all of this I want something to wash it down with

wallow in all of this

Clarity from the pit

I witness dawn's early lightning and the errant sparks from the fire.

I hear birds when everyone else is sleeping.

Listening for all of these.

Out in the flatlands where no one heres.

no one's hear

Early mourning sounds


For dismissal.

I was this missed.

dis missile

This missive was a projectile

Summery summary projection

Out in the woulds I wood have

Shambled through leafless backGrounds