Friday, November 28, 2008

women, as I understand it

there's just three kinds of beauty out there in the terrible world
you'll laugh and think I'm too old


some of the women take it for granted
they'll do it on purpose and will expect you to behave a certain way
in their favour

there's resentful beauties
they can't help the way they look and they're sick and fucking tired
of fool men goggling at them
they're stupid hot but they hate it and you oughta hate yourself for looking
you asshole

then you have the indifferent drop dead super women
they're a special breed, my son
they're the ones who're pretty in the morning
and even more so at lunch
you'll know them by the simple fact that it don't matter what they're wearing

they could be dressed in wet paper sacks and you'd only have eyes for them
you can be a friend with a woman like that
completely overwhelmed by her beauty, you'd have no other choice

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Wait

only two more days
just 16 more hours
eight hours is really only two sets of 4
an hour's only a dozen 5 minute increments
49 more minutes
just half of 1hr to go
still 23min left
six hundred and ninety 2nds
seven days times 24hr
= one hundred and sixty eight
three hundred and sixty degrees
three hundred and sixty 5 days
bear with me, I'm no mathemagician