Thursday, March 12, 2009

Superior Daze

clouds're like a chain of mountains
out there
s'trange, lovely morning
where ever' thing looks painted on
for once happy that time...
this mourning,
is this slow
that fog receding
buildings seem to melt
in and out of existence
that ice fog
does the trick of causing
the refinery to appear offline
how high would we need to be
for complete silence
from the audience
10 stories?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hope and Blame

he's fallen down a rabbit hole
his mother is looking at me
as though I should've known
cashing scripts from a croaker in Cowtown
his father looks like a movie star
all suffering in his housecoat
and accent
my friend
a man who remembers when I was his friend
before he apparently couldn't remember anything
is now a terror to his poor parents
I try to tell them what I think
but god knows I'm no help
and I start to wonder if I should just
turn away.